What Constitutes a Product Liability Claim?

What Constitutes a Product Liability Claim?

Have you recently been injured because of a defective product? If this is the case, you legally have the right to file a product liability claim and seek justice for your pain and suffering. Defective products are known to cause a wide array of injuries including burns, cuts, illness, and in extreme cases, death. A product counts as defective, and is eligible for a product liability claim, if it meets one of the following criteria.

Flaw in the manufacturing: When a single product has a flaw, rather than the entire line of products on the shelf, it can cause serious damage to the user. These flaws take place when the product is made and can alter the usefulness of the product. Examples include a bottle of soda which explodes in someone’s hand or cough syrup that is tainted with a poisonous substance.

Defective design: A defectively designed product on the other hand, impacts a whole line of products because of a mistake in the actual design. These products can be extremely dangerous. Users may have a product liability claim if they are electrocuted by an electric blanket set to high or joint implants which cause greater harm because of a design flaw.

Lack of warning and/or instructions: People can also file for a product liability claim if they are injured from a product that does not contain a safety warning label or proper instructions for use. If there are any hazards known for using a product, it should contain a signal word such as “danger” or “caution” to inform users about the risks of using the product incorrectly. There should also be a list of instructions for proper use of a product, especially with large equipment or tools.

Being injured through no fault of your own by a defective product, entitles you to compensation under the law. Don’t suffer in silence, contact the legal team at KG Law to schedule a consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys.


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